A twisted sense of life, love, sex, and friendship.  When the heart is broken we lose the way to love in a healthy manner.  My understanding of what it feels like to be a vessel to the broken has made my heart more compassionate but it still hurts.  Knowing you has challenged me to grow more open in mind and heart, to look outside myself. 

When you hurt or have been hurt by someone, the mind, heart continuum engages in a sort of battle, where the mind seeks solace in wanting to hurt back. Then the heart takes over trying to find reason not to.  Call it conditioning from an early age when we didn’t have control over our emotions and reactions. The instinct is to strike back. Learning to be aware of this condition, to just stop engagement, giving yourself time to heal.   It takes practice each and everyday.  Some days we win, some we lose, it’s the cost of being human and not perfect.

I look forward to continuing this journey, to just revel in its pureness.  





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Each day I try to let go of all the things my mind wants to hold on to

practice practice practice

returning to meditation…the answers are there…


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Evening arrives

Filtered through the mini blinds

the setting sun ☀️

slowly fads into to the blue, black night



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Warriors of Light


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An unexpected dream

In my dream you came out of no where, I hadn’t been thinking of you at all, and then you were there…and now you are gone….




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What Women Find Sexy in a Man

Women are not as hard to please as men think. We just crave a depth of character and soul that requires a man’s awareness and effort. Every woman wants a man who cares about being the best version of himself he can possibly be – THAT’S what’s sexy!

Even if a man strives for his potential and doesn’t actualize it but TRIES and does the best he can, THAT IS HOT TOO!

It’s the men that don’t try, the men that don’t care, and require someone to whoop their ass into gear that are just as sad as Country Songs on repeat.

Evolved Women know what we want and don’t want. We’ve spent countless years and relationships figuring it out. So, let’s talk about the good stuff. Let’s talk about what Evolved women REALLY want in a man!


The greatest gift you can give a woman is your presence. Presence is different than attention, it means your WHOLE BEING is engaged. Your heart and soul are in your eyes, emanating through every fiber of your being. A woman never has to wonder or ask where you are, she knows. She can feel you. You are right there, connected to yourself, nature, you’re masculine and the feminine, both within yourself and women. When you have presence you show up, drop in, invest and give of yourself.

A man with presence is connected to his soul and his heart and it shows. A man who has presence has so much presence that even when he is not with you, you know he’s with you. 


Is there anything better than laughing until your sides hurt? A man who has a good sense of humor, who doesn’t  take himself or life so seriously is a great asset to a woman. Life is full of heavy demands and things that weigh you down.

Humor allows a woman to see your wit, your take on life and the things that amuse you. The more you share your inner muse with a woman and let it rip, get her giggling and light, your dynamic will prosper. LET YOUR INNER COMEDIAN OUT.

3). R-E-S-P-E-C-T

A man who understands respect knows how to communicate and LISTEN. He operates from a place of respect for himself and is able to extend his respect outward to others more easily than a man who is not respected or feels threatened.

A respectful man is not ruled by his own selfish impulses. He is not afraid and he is able to act in a way that doesn’t violate a woman’s boundaries. If a woman asks a respectful man to honor her request he will without question. A man who respects himself doesn’t need to demand respect. He already has it.


When you are a man who embodies his warrior’s spirit you don’t whine when your ego gets bruised. You don’t blame and shout, “Well, what about women? What about all their flaws?”

When you embody your inner warrior you are a MAN who has harnessed his animal spirit and knows the sacredness of protecting the earth, women and children. A modern man who displays a Warrior Spirit is an Awakened Man.

When you are a warrior you are at peace with nature. You LOVE and HONOR women. You do not compete with women. A warrior fights for what is fundamentally right and doesn’t waste his time with nonsense arguments that only serve to sustain EGO.

A Warrior is a MAN of TRUE HONOR and INTEGRITY. He exists in every single man on this earth, but only a few have the COURAGE to activate the WARRIOR within. Women will stand next to Warrior’s till the end of time and will never stop looking for the Warrior in MEN. A warrior is a TRUE MAN.


A man with vision wants to be the best version of himself and has a sense of pride in what he does. Women love men with vision because they care, they try and they’re always working towards a better version of themselves.

There is nothing like a man who likes to have a good time, who wants to live a big life and craves adventure. A man with an adventurous spirit will get a woman out her comfort zone and dancing with the natives.

Life can get so monotonous and ordinary, but eventually it lacks the level of passion and intrigue you all seek to feel ALIVE. A man with an adventurous spirit is impassioned by life and experience, which bodes well for a woman who likes to live and taste the extraordinary.


A man with a mind and the ability to FEEL and articulate his emotions is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. A man who can self reflect and see a greater reality beyond himself is AWAKE. A man with an emotionally intelligent mind has vision, ideas, dreams, ambition, and drive.

These desires come from his heart and less from his head. A man with a mind is far more likely to be reasonable and intriguing. A man who talks and thinks, and wants to unravel and unearth things is magnetic and intoxicating to listen to.


Attitude is EVERYTHING to a woman. No matter what a woman throws at a man, if he’s got a good attitude he is less likely to be reactive and more like to get to the bottom of what is really going on. He doesn’t bark back like a baby, he tries to understand what is what and process the situation. He reads in between the lines and doesn’t take things as personally as reactive short tempered men.

Men with a good attitude typically have good style, taste, and they are NOT CHEAP. These men don’t cut corners. How they do anything is how they do everything and THEY KNOW IT and TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT AND HOW THEY DO WHAT THEY DO.


A man who can fix it is SEXAY! A man who might not be great at something but tries anyway, or a man who might have far to grow but is willing to accept adversity and challenge and overcome obstacles is a CAPABLE MAN. Capable men are cat nip to women.

A man who can fix the most random things, or a man who knows how to create something out of nothing is like a magician. Fixing things is masculine and for some reason women find irresistible. A capable man who shows that he doesn’t need to be nagged to know what he must do is virtually irresistible.


Let’s face it, no one likes boring. No passion, no edge, no fire, no spice might as well be a cardboard cut out of a man. A man with no edge is like a wet towel on your fire. Women like men that keep them on their toes. A man with edge is up for anything. He’s not just some bump on a log on the couch night after night.

This one is no doormat. He’s the guy who is chasing you in the rain at 2 in the morning. He’s the guy who will get you to skinny dip anywhere. He is the kind of man that keeps it interesting and mixes it up. A man with an edge is strong willed and will take you to the ends of the earth.

Kelly Marceau


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